Practical Ways to Cope with Boredom, Overwhelm, and Loneliness
(instead of doom scrolling)

Thursday, May 25th @ 8pm MDT

The replay will also be sent out if you can’t make it to the live session

Do you feel like you have no self-control when it comes to spending time on social media?

You spend most of your time caring for your kids which leads to frequently feeling bored, overwhelmed, or lonely. When you are feeling any of these emotions it is so easy to turn to your phone as an escape. In this month’s workshop we’ll be focusing on realistic ways to cope with these emotions without turning to your phone out of habit.

By the end of the 1-hour workshop you will:

  • Feel validated and let go of any guilt around your phone-use
  • Identify which emotions you usually feel right before mindless phone use 
  • Learn practical skills to deal with those emotions (other than doom scrolling)
  • Connect and brainstorm solutions with other women

Here’s what people had to say about the last workshop:

I can’t say enough about this class. I just had so many epiphanies during it. I am so grateful I attended.

– Julie

Whenever you opened your mouth and shared wisdom your insights blew my mind!! We loved your workshop so much.

– Nicole

I loved all the insights from you and the other attendees. I got some good ideas, things to try, and didn’t feel alone in my struggle.

– Karely

Everything was so well put together, great balance of you sharing and interaction, your slides were clear!!

– Elizabeth

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