For moms who want to get a grip on their own screen time:

Mastering Intentional Phone Use. Be more present. Enjoy true fulfillment. Find inner calm.

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I've been there!

  • You wish you had more time

  • You keep falling back into bad phone habits

  • You don’t want to feel so irritable and stressed

  • You want to enjoy your kids

  • You doom scroll more than you’d like to admit

  • You want to spend less time on your phone but actually doing it is so hard

You can master your phone use

You will enjoy your time with your kids more

You won’t feel so frazzled and overwhelmed

You will feel uplifted and joyful when you do spend time on your phone

You will have more free time to have fun

You will feel more fulfilled

You will feel more calm

You won’t feel so anxious

You will better be able to cope with your emotions

You will feel more creative

You will sleep better

It will be easier for you to think and solve problems

You will feel less guilt and shame

You will have more time to exercise

You will have more time to do things that fill your cup

You will feel content with your life

Your relationships with those you love will improve

I’m Alex!

Stay-At-Home Mom of 2 Young Kids and Founder of Mindful with Media


I used to waste so much time on my phone.


I knew I should spend less time on my phone, and I really wanted to, but actually doing it was so hard. I was trying so many things, and a lot of them were working, but I kept falling back into old habits. I wondered if I should just delete social media or get rid of my smartphone. 


I was determined to figure out a realistic way to get a grip on my phone use for good. I didn’t want to give up all the good that came from my smartphone and social media. And I didn’t want to keep falling back into old habits.


I figured it out.


I’ve been shocked at the unexpected benefits:

  • I have more time for myself so I can show up as a better wife and mother
  • I spend more intentional time with my husband
  • I cherish the time I spend with my precious kids
  • I am more in tune with my emotions and have developed healthier coping habits
  • I am more productive

If I can master my phone use, then so can you.

Introducing: Mastering Intentional Phone Use

An easy-to-consume $284 audio course to help you be more present, enjoy true fulfillment, and find inner calm.

This audio course will walk you through step-by-step so you can master your phone use. I know you’re busy so you can listen right on your phone on any podcast app. There is also a workbook included so you can easily apply the things you learn. The course includes the following 10 modules:

Module 1: Your Phone Can Be a Tool for Good

Module 2: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Module 3: Why Your Phone Use Matters

Module 4: Coping with Emotions

Module 5: Stop Wasting Time on Your Phone

Module 6: Learning to Be Present

Module 7: Using Social Media as a Tool for Good

Module 8: Implementing Phone Boundaries that Last

Module 9: Getting a Grip on Your Screen Time... For Good

Module 10: Reflecting on Your Progress

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Align your phone use with your values

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