30 Productive Things to Do While Holding a Baby Instead of Social Media

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When my first son was born I was shocked at how bored I was. Yet, at the same time, I couldn’t find time to get anything done on my to-do list. 


I spent countless hours each day (and night) feeding him and holding him as he slept, forcing me to sit still in the precious silence. However, I got to a point where I would open Instagram and start mindlessly scrolling out of boredom and habit. It’s easy to just waste the hours away mindlessly scrolling social media when you could be doing something that will leave you feeling more fulfilled. 


Here are some of my favorite ways to be productive while sitting to hold your baby:

using phone productively while holding baby

30 Productive Things to Do While Holding a Baby or Breastfeeding

1. Post on social media about your highs and lows of having a new baby


2. Comment uplifting things on others’ social media posts


3. Watch 5 stories on Instagram and respond to at least 3 of them


4. Read a book

During this phase of life, I prefer to read books on my phone. You can read books for FREE on the Kindle app by checking out books from your library using the Libby app. Reach out to me if you have questions on how to do this– I’m more than happy to help!


5. Play computer games with your husband

Computer games aren’t my thing, but my good friend recommended Civilization and Zuma as you only need a mouse to play them.


6. Listen to an audiobook

Libby, Hoopla, Audible, Scribd, Libro.fm, and Chirp are all great ways to access audiobooks for free or at an affordable price (especially if you use a free trial).


7. Study the scriptures


8. Pray for your baby


9. Sing to your baby


10. Listen to a podcast


11. Journal

I finally switched to keeping a journal on my phone rather than a paper journal. Although I still prefer writing in a paper journal, I find that I’m way more consistent if I keep my journal on my phone.

12. Record the story of your baby’s birth


13. Write down things you want to remember about your baby or this season of life


14. Work on a digital baby book


15. Meal plan


16. Make a grocery list

I use the free version of the  AnyList app. I love that I can have different lists for different stores and that my husband and I can both view and edit the lists.


17. Order grocery pickup


18. Weekly plan


19. Unsubscribe from emails

There is nothing quite as satisfying to me as having my inbox cleaned out and unsubscribing from emails helps me keep my inbox clean.


20. Read emails


21. Create content (using the Canva app)


22. Work on memorizing something (like a poem or scripture)


23. Respond to texts


24. Send pictures of your baby to their grandparents


25. Text a friend


26. Talk to your older child so they feel seen and loved

My 18-month-old loves to bring me his LOVEVERY toys while I feed baby sister and that is a fun and easy way to interact with him while I’m sitting to nurse.


27. Call people you’ve been meaning to connect with


28. Read books to your older child


29. Search for good deals on baby items on Facebook Marketplace


30. Look at your precious baby



If I’m not intentional I can spend hours mindlessly scrolling Instagram while holding my baby. These 30 productive things to do while holding your baby (instead of scrolling social media) have helped me feel more fulfilled and connected during this phase of life. 


What did I miss? Head over to Instagram and share what you like to do while holding your baby!

(And watch my IG stories to see what my life really looks like right now while trying to feed my new baby!)

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Align your phone use with your values

6 Steps to Avoid Wasting Time on Your Phone

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